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Statement of Mike Hawryluk, BA, MAT
Professor Emeritus of Physics and former Division Chairman
Suffolk County Community College, NY
March 30, 2007


My wife and I, transfixed in front of a TV as the horror of 9/11 unfolded, watched as the topmost, undamaged floors of the WTC South Tower started to gradually lean (rotate) in the direction of the damage due to impact.

In an instant, the rotation stopped, and that which was rotating began to fall, as if only under the influence of gravity!  The fulcrum was no longer there!

I blurted out, "My god, they wired the building."

I haven't been at peace with myself, or the world, since then.  I had no idea who the "they" in my utterance was, and to this day still do not.  Since learning more about the events leading up, and subsequent to the tragedy, I have become firmly convinced that the conspiracy being sold to the world by the Government, the media, and debunkers is the greatest Red Herring of our time, if not in history.  Yes, there is a conspiracy, but to carry out such a massive precise attack and subsequent effective obfuscation of what really happened required and will continue to require active participation of individuals at the highest levels of the government, defense, and intelligence communities, with continued assistance (active and/or passive) from the media.

However, in my attempts to encourage others to relive, rethink the tragedy, I do my utmost to downplay the "conspiracy" aspect, and focus on the blatant inconsistencies in the official explanations, whether from the White House, or from the phalanx of talking heads spread across the media.  I believe I can effectively sow the seed of doubt in that fertile ground, but a thorough, true investigation is required to expose the conspiracy.

The introductory paragraphs of this essay are an accurate expression of my and my wife's (retired Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science) reaction at that dreadful moment.  Since then, I have tried to keep abreast with related developments, and am both dismayed, and encouraged:  dismayed by the media’s refusing to deal with this profound issue, but encouraged by the increasing number of credible persons joining in the search for truth.

In reflection upon my initial reaction and subsequent research, I do not recall seeing any reference to the angular acceleration evident in the initial instant of collapse of the South Tower. This acceleration appears to have disappeared as a result of an apparent explosion at the base of the tottering floors, which propelled debris in a 180-degree hemi-spherical swath predominately in the horizontal direction (see Eric Hufschmid's DVD, Painful Deceptions, for a very good visual record).

In that instant, the force opposing that of gravity, at the center of rotation appears to have gone to zero. This in itself should refute the 'pancake collapse' hypothesis.  To be credible, the basic assumption of this hypothesis is the simultaneous application and even distribution of an equal force spread over each successive floor. The available visual evidence contradicts this hypothesis: 1. neither the sum of the vertical forces nor the sum of the torques is equal to zero, since there is clear evidence of both angular and translational acceleration, and 2. at the instant of an unexplained event (apparent explosion) the angular acceleration appears to go to zero, and the translational approaches that of 'free fall.'

The only physical explanation for this observable phenomena is the instantaneous removal of the force(s) opposing the motion of the falling, rotating upper structure, which is (are), the force(s) applied by the remaining structure beneath it, whether damaged, or undamaged.

That can only be accomplished by putting the damaged supporting structure into a "free fall" condition, i.e., controlled demolition.  It should be obvious to everyone that the impact times and velocities of the falling upper block on the supporting floors would be a function of the horizontal distance from the instantaneous center of rotation which was at or near the western face of the tower. (See Painful Deceptions.)

Those of us who are seeking the "Truth about 9/11" face a formidable but not insurmountable challenge:  to convince those who don’t want to know to join us in applying a continuing and increasing pressure on the media to force those who don’t want us to know into the light of day.

To accomplish this, I believe we should concentrate on the most understandable and incontrovertible evidence available, and to the extent possible de-emphasize conspiracy.  If we can get enough people to doubt the accepted explanations the latter will automatically follow.